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  GMN - Sprag/Roller Type Unidirectional Clutches  

GMN clutches are widely used for Backstop, freewheeling and indexing applications

These products have proven their reliability in high standard applications all over the world throughout decades.

There are some very special reasons for the high reliability of GMN Sprag Clutches

1. The logarithmic spiral
2. Perfect spring loading
3. Small space requirements
4. Large number of sprags

all of the above reasons result in 3 very important benefits:

1. High accuracy
2. High torque capacity
3. Long life

Out of a large variety of applications GMN clutches are used for in many countries,

The most common applications are:

:: Conveyers (Back Stopping)
:: Conveyers (Speed Compensation)
:: Copiers (Paper Feeding)
:: Diesel Engines (Starter Handle)
:: Furniture Production
:: (Glue Roller Drive)
:: High Voltage Switches
:: Mixers (Safety Clutch)
:: Motor Bikes (Automatic Gear)
:: Packaging Machines
:: (Overrunning Clutch)
:: Paper Handling (Material Feed)
:: Printing Presses (Ink Roller Drive)
:: Sowing Machines (Seed Feeder)
:: Textile Machines (Material Feed)
:: Winches (Back Stop)

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For more information visit www.gmn.de