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    Spindle Repairs  

We undertake repairs of all types of GMN High Frequency Grinding Spindles and Belt-driven grinding Spindles.

The following facilities are available with us :

Special tools for dismantling
Measuring and checking instruments for various components
Possibility of re-working or manufacturing damaged parts.
Balancing machine

Testing apparatus like :
High Frequency drive, oil-air lubricator, oil-mist lubricator, chilling unit and vibration analyser.

The repaired spindles are backed up by a guarantee for operating under normal working conditions

We stock wide range of GMN ultra precision steel and ceramic ball bearings used for spindle repairs. Drawing back-up is available for most of the GMN spindles.

Apart from GMN, we also repair various other brands of High Frequency and Belt driven Grinding Spindles such as Gamfior, Voumard etc.